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     Please call for additional information if you have a question regarding our services.

    Website Design

    Complete website design and implementation including:
    Work directly with you to create a website design that works specifically for you or your business
    Find and register a domain name(s)
    Find a hosting service for your site
    Upload site to new hosting service
    Point domain name to hosting service
    Updates and changes to the site can be made anytime
    Utilize state of the art software for website design and maintenance

    Systems Security

    We can help lock down your network and computers to meet audit, HIPPA and other security
    requirements. We use wireless spectrum scanning, port scanning, hardening techniques, brute
    force testing, social and physical network analysis, firewall programming, Verisign Certificate
    Implementation, VPN, RDP, HTTP, HTTPS detection and implementation when needed.

    Dentrix G4
    Application Software Installations

    We specialize in Practice Management Systems. Medical and Legal systems are the primary systems
    we support, so please don't hesitate to call about your system

    Software Repair & Prevention

    Find the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness, or Internet problems
    Fix operating system issues
    Remove viruses and spyware
    Install security and privacy software to keep your computer protected
    Install critical updates
    Perform optimization for faster computer speed and better performance
    Provide estimate for recommended hardware repairs or upgrades, if needed

    Connect PCs and networks to the internet
    Configure routers, modems and firewall's
    Assist in the evaluation of internet service providers


    Diagnostics & Hardware Evaluation

    Determine why your computer is running poorly through a series of system checks and diagnostics.
    Action can then be taken to get your computer up and running


    Extremely Overclocked Computers
    We can design and build air and water cooled computer systems that cannot be
    purchased on the open market. Careful part selection is done to insure overclocking is not
    only extremely fast but stable as well. All systems are burned in for a minimum of 40 hours
    before release. Note: We do not warranty any hardware we overclock.
    We push graphic and Intel cores to extreme limits resulting in diminished component

    Computer Optimization

    Comprehensive system adjustments that will shorten boot time and speed up system response
    Delete unwanted temporary and junk files
    Free hard disk space
    Defragment hard drive
    Update operating system with patches and security updates
    Check system hardware to make sure it meets the software demands

    System Upgrades

    Install new hardware and software
    New hard drives increase hard drive capacity & system speed
    New DVD/CD drives will allow playing and burning of DVD's & CD's
    New motherboards for extended life
    Increase system memory to speed up applications
    Installing new video cards provide better graphics and faster gaming
    Install high speed USB or Firewire adapters to allow connection of digital cameras, video devices
    and external drives

    Software Troubleshooting & Installation

    Get help with your operating system or application software
    Repair, troubleshoot or install software applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, Quicken, Photoshop, etc..
    Install all critical updates for software
    Import existing data into new applications
    Properly configure the software settings
    Make sure your software is running properly

    Hardware Repair & New Device Installation

    Install new internal or external hardware devices and related software into your desktop or laptop,             including:
    Graphic/video cards
    Sound cards
    System memory
    Hard drives
    Optical drives
    MP3 players
    Digital Cameras
    Digital Video Players
    Motherboard BIOS updates
    Firmware updates
    Custom built high end PCs



    Design and install complete networks
    Complete network topology and documentation

    Connect and share the Internet, printers, computers and files from anywhere in your home or office
    Wired and wireless supported
    Install and configure DSL & cable modems, routers
    Set up wireless encryption
    Configure file sharing of directories between computers
    Configure printer sharing
    Install network printers
    Install network application servers
    Install ethernet data cabling, connectors and wiring panels
    Install & test hubs, switches
    Install and configure hardware and software firewall's
    Install complete Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems

    Windows XP
    Windows Operating System Installations

    Windows XP, Vista and Microsoft business applications and most 3rd part business applications
    Install all critical updates
    Install any drivers required
    Connect to a network if required
    Configure the software to your needs
    Make sure the system runs properly
    Software Training

    Learn how to use your software applications, including:
    MS Windows and Office
    Application software
    Basic PC skills
    Digital imaging
    Digital video
    Digital music
    CD/DVD application software

    Backup Systems

    Create a backup system that protects your valuable data
    Install and test hardware and software for complete backup and recovery

    Create automatic scheduled incremental and full backups using intelligent software




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