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  Our Clients

    The majority of our clients are professional businesses including dental offices,
    legal offices, restaurants, small businesses and large corporations.

    If you are interested in our computer consulting assistance, you may call us
    anytime for a free initial phone consultation and evaluation at 707.304.4052.

    Our clients are as diverse as they are interesting. We would like to thank them
    for allowing us to assist them with their Information Technology needs.


          Data Centers Designed & Implemented  

Overclocked WC Systems

Medical Manager Offices


HealthPro Network Operation Center

 National Scrip Center
Network Operations Center

 National Scrip Center NOC
Compaq Server Array

 National Scrip Center NOC
Dell Server Array

 Medical Manager
Customer Training Facility

What some of the clients are saying...

"I find Darren's insight, his understanding and his solutions right on target and refreshing. Darren adds an extra level of professionalism to any technology environment. Any size company needing technology improvements, stabilization, expansion or up-dating should work with Darren and his team." (October 11, 2004)

– David Carrithers CEO BusinessHive Consulting

Transword Systems Inc.
I.T. Department

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