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   About Us

     In the simplest terms we are Sonoma County based computer consulting that helps clients
     with their websites, software, computers and networks.

     We are here to assist with technology ranging from small issues with PC's to working with fully
     integrated and comprehensive large scale networks. Whether clients need only a few minutes
     or continuous support, we are committed. We fully understand that when your PC or network
     is not running properly or not meeting needs, this greatly impacts productivity. Often clients
     need on-site or phone assistance and shouldn't have to feel alone with their Information
     Technology needs or issues.  We work closely with clients to help them understand their
     technology and assist in making technology decisions to meet critical business needs or to
     solve technical problems.  We want clients to have a "good day" with their technology.

     We understand that most small business don't have or need a full time Information Technology
     employee. However, there are times when technology demands can be overwhelming and
     directly affect business flow.  We are here to get clients on track.  We are here to help clients
     get the most out of their Information Systems by making informed purchases and
     designing/fixing systems to work efficiently and reliably.We have experience and we are
     commited.  Information Technology is all we do. We work closely with clients.  We work closely
     with other leaders in the Information Technology field.  Our 30+ years of experience helps us to
     quickly assess the unique needs of clients and provide them with solutions. 


Darren Carver

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